About company

This is an extremely profitable cloud mining project. Our team is leading in this direction, we guarantee a fixed daily income from 2% to 4% during a year!

We use green energy, which allows us to save on buying state electricity, and we also use a wave electric savings base, which gives us additional power supply!

The development of a new ASICs generation, which will be on sale to individuals only at the end of 2022, allows us to be the first in this direction! Natural water cooling is also used, in which the air temperature in the room does not exceed 17 degrees Celsius, which allows the processors to work for a maximum!




Days in work
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Why us

We will make your life easier, better and wealthier.

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Safe and transparent

The hashrate is displayed in real time.
And Otix security service protects
your assets.

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Stable income

Using FPPS, PPS + and Instant
Settlement model avoids
income fluctuations.

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Comprehensive service

The goals of our comprehensive
service are to increase miners' income,
reduce the difference between mining
and trading, and create a universal
mining ecosystem.


Bitcoin 0.0000
Bitcoin Cash 0.0000
Dash 0.0000
TRON 0.0000

Price for 1 GH/s

0.0032 USD

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Litecoin 0.0000
Stellar 0.0000
Dogecoin 0.0000
Zcash 0.0000

Price for 1 MH/s

0.0301 USD

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Ethereum 0.0000
Ripple 0.0000
Binance Coin Coming Soon
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Price for 1 MH/s

0.1207 USD

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Level Per day ETHASH SCRYPT SHA-256
1 2.00 40 MH/s 200 MH/s 1200 GH/s
2 2.20 180 MH/s 900 MH/s 10000 GH/s
3 2.40 720 MH/s 3550 MH/s 40000 GH/s
4 2.60 3600 MH/s 18000 MH/s 200000 GH/s
5 2.80 10700 MH/s 55000 MH/s 600000 GH/s
6 3.00 29000 MH/s 145000 MH/s 1650000 GH/s
7 3.20 57500 MH/s 290000 MH/s 3250000 GH/s
8 3.40 108000 MH/s 535000 MH/s 6000000 GH/s
9 3.60 145000 MH/s 710000 MH/s 8000000 GH/s
10 3.80 180000 MH/s 900000 MH/s 10000000 GH/s
11 4.00 220000 MH/s 1100000 MH/s 12500000 GH/s




Hello dear partners!
We did it, from today our cloud mining platform starts, we will make every effort for your well-being, with us your life will become much brighter.

2021-12-17 21:32:12



Register and get 1200Gh/s for free, and also get 20Gh/s for each referral you invite. Moreover you will receive 12% - 5% of the power purchase by your referral.

2021-12-17 21:52:18



In our telegram channel you can see not only the latest news of our project but also our analysts of the crypto market will post daily crypto investment signals.


2021-12-17 22:02:43